Roger A. Clemens

President of Institute of Food Technologists / Adjunct Professor, Chief Scientific Officer
Department of Pharmacy, Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences
University of Southern California, USA; Horn, La Mirada, CA USA

Fields of interest: 

Pediatric nutrition, probiotics, prebiotics, functional foods, analytical methodology applications, food safety and toxicology, food processing


Recent publications:

Booth N, Kruger CL, Hayes AW, Clemens RA:
An innovative approach to the safety evaluation of natural products: Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon Aiton) leaf aqueous extract as a case study.
Food and Chemical Toxicology (in press, 2012)

Freedman MR, Dwyer JT, Fulgoni VL III, Clemens RA, Schmidt DB:
Is “processed” a four-letter word? The role of processed foods in achieving dietary guidelines and nutrient recommendations.
Journal of Nutrition (in press, 2012)

Clemens RA, Kranz S, Mobley AR, Nicklas TA, Raimondi MP, Rodriguez JC, Slavin JL, Warshaw H:
Filling America’s Fiber Intake Gap:  Summary of a Roundtable to Probe Realistic Solutions with a Focus on Grain-Based Foods.
Journal of Nutrition (in press, 2012)

Adams JD, Jr, Lee S-Y, Kim JE, Petrosyan J, Shahgholi M, Clemens RA:
Opioid Alkaloids in Fire Poppies, P. Californicum.
The Natural Products Journal, vol.2 (1), pp.31-35 (5), (2012)

RA Clemens:
Milk A1 and A2 peptides and diabetes.
Nestle Nutrition Workshop Series. Paediatric Programme (2011); 67:187-95. Review

Miller GD, Drewnowski A, King J, Gibney M, Clemens RA:
Nutrient profiling: Global approaches, policies and perspectives.
Nutrition Today 45(1):6-12, (2010)

MacLean WC Jr, van Dael P, Clemens RA, Davies J, Underwood E, O’Risky L, Rooney D, Schrijver J:
Upper levels of nutrients in infant formulas: Comparison of analytical data with the revised Codex infant formula standard.
Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, 23:44-53, (2010)