Claudia Ogrean

Professor PhD
Management, Marketing and Business Administration
Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Romania
Head of Department

Fields of interest

Management, Strategic Management, Business Ethics, Organizational Behavior, Competitiveness

Recent publications:

Herciu Mihaela, Ogrean, Claudia,
Interrelations between competitiveness and responsibility at macro and micro level,
Management Decision, Vol. 46, no. 8, pp. 1230-1246, 2008, ISSN: 0025-1747
DOI: 10.1108/00251740810901408

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Journal of Business Economics and Management, nr.2 (9), pp. 161-165, 2008, ISSN: 1611-1699, DOI: 10.3846/1611-1699.2008.9.161-165

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