Laurence Coutellier

Assistant Professor
Departments of Psychology and Neuroscience (Courtesy)
The Ohio State University, OH, USA

Fields of interest

Behavioral neuroscience, neurodegenerative diseases.

Recent publications


Ardestani PM, Evans AK, Yi B, Nguyen T, Coutellier L, Shamloo M. (In press) Modulation of
neuroinflammation and pathology in the 5XFAD mouse model of Alzheimer’s Disease using a biased and selective beta-1 adrenergic receptor partial agonist. Neuropharmacology.

Shepard R, Heslin K, Coutellier L. (2016) The transcription factor Npas4 contributes to adolescent development of prefrontal inhibitory circuits, and to cognitive and emotional functions: implications for neuropsychiatric disorders. Neurobiology of Disease. 99:36-46

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Coutellier L. and Usdin T. (2011) Enhanced long-term fear memory and increased anxiety and
depression-like behavior after exposure to an aversive event in mice lacking TIP39 signaling.
Behavioural Brain Research. 222(1): 265-269.

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Coutellier L., C. Arnould, A. Boissy, P. Orgeur, A. Prunier, I. Veissier, M.C. Meunier-Salaün (2007) Pig’s responses to repeated social regrouping and relocation during the growing-finishing period. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 105:102-114.

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Coutellier L. (2013) Adaptive regulations in developing rodents following neonatal challenges. In G. Laviola and S. Macri. (Eds) (Mal)adaptive aspects of developmental stress. Springer Neurotoxicity Book Series.