Marta Mileusnic (maiden name Covic)

Assistant Professor
Department of Mineralogy, Petrology and Mineral Resources
University of Zagreb

Fields of interest:

  • Environmental and exploration geochemistry
  • Clay mineralogy
  • soils and paloeosols
  • provenance and technology of ceramics
  • impact of mining on environment and health


Recent publications:


Nakić, Z., Ružičić, S., Posavec, K., Mileusnić, M., Parlov, J., Bačani, A., Durn, G.:
Conceptual model for groundwater status and risk assessment – case study of the Zagreb aquifer system.-
Geologia Croatica (in print)

Ružičić, S., Mileusnić, M., Posavec, K. (2012):
Building Conceptual and Mathematical Model for Water Flow and Solute Transport in the Unsaturated zone at Kosnica Site.-
RGN zbornik, Vol. 25., 21-31.

Klove, B., Ala-aho, P., Bertrand, G., Ilmonen, J., Karakaya, N., Ertürk, A., Goldscheider, N., Kupfersberger, H., Kvoerner, J., Lundberg, A., Mileusnić, M., Moszczynska, A., Muotka, T., Preda, E., Rossi, P., Siergieiev, D. Šimek, J., Wachniew, P. & Widerlund, A. (2011):
Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems Part I: Hydroecological status and trends.-
Environmental Science & Policy, 14, 7, 770-781.

Peh, Z., Mileusnić, M. & Miko, S. (2011):
Canonical correlation analysis as a tool in the provenance study of overbank sediments from the small mountainous watersheds.-
Environmental earth sciences, 64, 4; 1139-1155.

Aljinović, D., Jurak, V., Mileusnić, M., Slovenec, D., Presečki, F. (2010):
The origin and composition of Eocene flysch deposits as an attribute to the excessive erosion of the Slani Potok valley (“Salty creek”), Croatia.-
Geologia Croatica, 63/3, 313-322.

Peh, Z., Miko, S., Mileusnić, M. (2006):
Areal versus linear evaluation of relationship between drainage basin lithology and geochemistry of stream and overbank sediments in low-order mountainous drainage basins.-
Environmental geology 49/8,  1102-1115.

Mileusnić, M.,Peh, Z., Miko, S., Halamić, J., Galović, L., Durn, G. (2004):
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