Christoph Steiner

Senior research associate
Organic Plant Production and Agroecosystems Research in the Tropics and Subtropics
University of Kassel

Fields of interest:

Tropical agriculture, carbon sequestration, soil organic matter, nature conservation, biochar, horticulture, tropical ecology

Recent publications:

Steiner C, Sánchez-Monedero M. A, Kammann C 2014 Biochar as an Additive to Compost and Growing Media. Biochar for Environmental Management – Science, Technology and Implementation, 2nd Edition. Ed Lehmann J, Joseph S. Routledge.

Steiner C, Harttung T 2014 Biochar as growing media additive and peat substitute. Solid Earth, 5, 995-999, doi:10.5194/se-5-995-2014

Steiner C, Melear N, Harris K and Das K C 2011 Biochar as bulking agent for poultry litter composting. Carbon Management 2, 3:227-230

Steiner C, Das K C, Melear N and Lakely D 2010 Reducing Nitrogen Loss During Poultry Litter Composting Using Biochar. Journal of Environmental Quality, 39 (4), 1236-1242, doi:10.2134/jeq2009.0337

Woods W I, Teixeira W, Lehmann J, Steiner C, WinklerPrins A. M. G.. A. and Ribellato L. 2009 Amazonian Dark Earths: Wim Sombroek’s Vision. Springer.

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Steiner C, Teixeira W G, Lehmann J, Nehls T, Macêdo J L V d, Blum W E H and Zech W 2007 Long term effects of manure, charcoal and mineral fertilization on crop production and fertility on a highly weathered Central Amazonian upland soil. Plant and Soil 291, 275-290.