Bradley T. Cullen

Geography and Environmental Science
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM, 87131

Fields of interest: 

Social and Economic Geography


Recent publications:

Bradley T. Cullen:
Sustainable Development And Geographical Space: Issues of population, environment, globalization and education in marginal regions. Burlington,
VT: Ashgate, with Heikki Jussila and Roser Majoral.

Bradley T. Cullen:
“New Business Opened During the Great Recession: An Albuquerque Case Study,”
Papers of the Applied Geography Conference, Vol. 34, 2011.

Bradley T. Cullen:
“Shareholder-Owned Electricity Companies: Factors Infjuencing Profitabilit,”
Papers of the Applied Geography Conference, Vol. 33, 2010.

Bradley T. Cullen:
“Factors Influencing Corporate Equality,”
Papers of the Applied Geography Conference, Vol 29, 2006.

Bradley T. Cullen:
“The Location Decisions of Albuquerque’s Queer Business Community.”
Papers of the Applied Geography Conferences, Vol. 28, 2005

Bradley T. Cullen:
“The ‘Right’ Denied Same-Sex Couples,”
Papers of the Applied Geography Conference. Vol. 27, 2004

Campana, M.E., L. Scuderi, O.P. Matthews, D. Brookshire, K. Krause, J. Chermak, B. Cullen, S. Snell and K. Gregory:
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O.P. Matthews, L. Scuderi, D. Brookshire, K. Gregory, S. Snell, K. Krause, J. Chermak, B. Cullen, and M. Campana:
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Natural Resources Journal, 2001.

Bradley T. Cullen:
“The Meaning of Marginality: Interpretation and Perceptions in Social Science,”
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Bradley T. Cullen:
“Management of Western Australia’s land: Who is in Charge?”
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