Christiane Dalton-Puffer

Associate Professor
Department of English
University of Vienna

Fields of interest:

Applied linguistics

Foreign language learning and teaching

Morphology and word-formation

Recent publications:

2011. Country in Focus. Research on language teaching and learning in Austria (2004-2009) (with Eva Vetter & Renate Faistauer) Language Teaching  44.2, 181–211.

2010 Dalton-Puffer, Christiane, Tarja Nikula, Ute Smit (eds.). Language use and language learning in CLIL. (AALS Series 7). Amsterdam etc.: Benjamins.

2007. Discourse in CLIL Classrooms. (Language Learning and Language Teaching 20). Amsterdam etc.: Benjamins.

2006. with Tarja Nikula. Pragmatics of content-based instruction: teacher and student directives in Finnish and Austrian classrooms. Applied Linguistics 27, 241-267.