Tom Dant

Professor of Sociology
Department of Sociology
University of Lancaster

Fields of interest: 

material culture; critical theory; and the moral impact of the media


Recent publications:

Dant, T. (in press): 
Television and the Moral Imaginary: Society and the Small Screen,
Houndmills, Basingstoke: Palgrave.

Dant, T. (2011):
Knowledge, Ideology and Discourse; A Sociological Perspective, (new edition of Dant 1991),
London: Routledge.  

Dant, T. (2007):
Kultura materialna w rzeczywistosci spolecznej: Wartosci, Dzialania, style zycia,
Kracow: Wydawnictwo Universytetu Jagiellonskiego  – ISBN978-83-233-2331-0 (translation of T.Dant, 1999, Material Culture in the Social World, also translated and published in Mandarin in 2009)

Dant, T. (2005): 
Materiality and Society, Maidenhead,
Berks: McGraw Hill – ISBN: 0-335-20855-X, 154 pages.

Dant, T. (2003): 
Critical Social Theory: Culture, Society and Critique,
London: Sage publications – ISBN: 0-7619-5478X, 165 pages (Mandarin edition published in 2012).

Dant, T. (1999): 
Material Culture in the Social World: Values, Activities, Lifestyles
Buckingham: Open University Press – ISBN: 0335198228 / 033519821X, 204 pages.

Dant, T. & Gully, V. (1994): 
Co-ordinating Care at Home: A Handbook for Organising Support for Elderly People at Home,
London: Harper Collins – ISBN: 0-00-322337X. (TD: 60%)

Dant, T. (1991):
Knowledge, Ideology and Discourse: A Sociological Perspective,
London: Routledge – ISBN: 0415047862 / 0415064589, 236 pages.

Dant, T. & Deacon, A. (1989): 
Hostels to Homes?: Rehousing Homeless Single People in Leeds,
Aldershot: Avebury – ISBN: 0566070588, 106 pages. (TD: 70%)