David Brough

Principal Investigator
Faculty of Life Sciences
University of Manchester
E-mail: david.brough@manchester.ac.uk
Page: http://www.manchester.ac.uk/research/david.brough/

Fields of interest

Sterile inflammation and the processing and secretion of interleukin-1.


Recent publications

Lopez-Castejon G, Luheshi NM, Compan V, High S, Whitehead RC, Flitsch SL, Kirov A, Prudovsky I, Swanton E, Brough D.
Deubiquitinases regulate the activity of caspase-1 and IL-1β secretion via assembly of the inflammasome.
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2013, 288, 2721-2733.

Girard S, Brough D, Lopez-Castejon G, Giles J, Rothwell NJ, Allan SM.
Microglia and macrophages differentially modulate cell death after brain injury caused by oxygen-glucose deprivation in organotypic brain slices.
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Inhibition of Calpain blocks the phagosomal escape of Listeria monocytogenes.
PLoS ONE, 7, 2012, e35936. eScholarID:158024

Greenhalgh AD, Brough D, Robinson EM, Girard S, Rothwell NJ, Allan SM.
Interleukin-1 receptor antagonist is beneficial after subarachnoid haemorrhage in rat by blocking haem driven inflammatory pathology.
Dis Model Mech, 2012, [Epub ahead of print], eScholarID:159647

Savage CD, Lopez-Castejon G, Denes A, Brough D.
NLRP3-inflammasome activating DAMPs stimulate an inflammatory response in glia in the absence of priming which contributes to brain inflammation after injury.
Frontiers in Immunology, 2012, 3, 288. eScholarID:170501

Lawrence CB, Brough D, Knight EM.
Obese mice exhibit an altered behavioural and inflammatory response to lipopolysaccharide.
Dis Model Mech, 2012 [Epub ahead of print], eScholarID:155817

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European Journal of Immunology, 2012, 42, 716-725.

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Small BG, McColl BW, Allmendinger R, Pahle J, López-Castejón G, Rothwell NJ, Knowles J, Mendes P, Brough D, Kell DB.
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