Dawn Cassandra Parker

Associate Professor
Waterloo Institute for Complexity and Innovation, University of Waterloo
E-mail: dcparker@uwaterloo.ca
Page: http://www.environment.uwaterloo.ca/planning/faculty/parker/

Recent publications:

Parker D. C.:
An economic perspective on agent-based models of land-use and land-cover change.
In: Duke J., Wu J. (Eds.), Oxford Handbook of Land Economics. Oxford University Press (in press).

Robinson D. T., Sun S., Hutchins M., Riolo R. L., Brown D. G., Parker D. C., Filatova T. , Currie W. S., Kiger S.:
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Environmental Modelling and Software 2013, 45: 129-140.

Parker D. C., Brown D., Filatova T., Riolo R., Robinson D. T., Sun S.:
Do land markets matter? A modeling ontology and experimental design to test the effects of land markets for an agent-based model of ex-urban residential land-use change.
In: Heppinstal A., Crooks A., Batty M., See L. (Eds.), Agent-based Models of Geographical Systems, Springer, 2012, pp 525-542.

Filatova T., Parker D., van der Veen A.:
The implications of skewed risk perception for a Dutch coastal land market: insights from an agent-based computational economics model.
Agri-cultural and Resource Economics Review 2011, 40: 405-423.

Komwa M.K., Jacobsen K.H., Parker D.C.:
HIV/AIDS-Associated Dietary and Work Beliefs and Practices in the Mayuge District of Southeastern Uganda.
Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition 2010, 32:76-85.

Parker D. C.:
Multi-Agent Systems for the Simulation of Land Use and Land Cover Change: A Review.
In: Gilbert N. (Ed.), Computational Social Science, Sage Publications 2010.

Nolan J., Parker D.C., van Kooten G.C., Berger T.:
An Overview of Computational Modeling in Agricultural and Resource.
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