Daria Dayter

Postdoctoral Teaching and Research Fellow
English Seminar
The University of Basel
E-mail: daria.dayter@unibas.ch
Page: http://engsem.unibas.ch/department/people/staff/profile/profile/person/dayter/

Fields of interest:

pragmatics, computer-mediated communication, new media in teaching, personal narrative, translation and interpreting studies

Recent publications:

D. Dayter
Discursive Self in Microblogging. Speech acts, stories and self-praise. Amsterdam: Benjamins 2016.

D. Dayter
Small stories and extended narratives on Twitter
in: Discourse, Context & Media 10 (2015): 19-28.

D. Dayter
Self-praise in miroblogging
in: Journal of Pragmatics 61 (2014): 91-102.

D. Dayter, S. Rüdiger
Speak your mind, but watch your mouth: Objectification strategies in negative references on CouchSurfing
in: Bedijs, K., Held, G., Maaß, C. (Eds.), Face Work and Social Media, pp. 193-212. Vienna: LIT 2014.

D. Dayter
Twitter as a means of class participation: Making student reading visible
in: Journal of Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice 8(1/2013): 1-21.