Davide Geneletti

Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering
University of Trento
E-mail: davide.geneletti@ing.unitn.it
Page: http://www.ing.unitn.it/~genelett

Fields of interest:

Ecosystem services, EIA and SEA, spatial planning, multicriteria analysis

Recent publications:

Geneletti D.:
Ecosystem services in Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment.
Environmental Impact Assessment Review 2013, 40: 1-2.

Geneletti D.:
Assessing the impact of alternative land-use zoning policies on future ecosystem services.
Environmental Impact Assessment Review 2013, 40: 25.

Geneletti D.:
Environmental assessment of spatial plan policies through land use scenarios. A study in a fast-developing town in rural Mozambique.
Environmental Impact Assessment Review 2012, 32: 1-10.

Geneletti D.:
Reasons and options for integrating ecosystem services in strategic environmental assessment of spatial planning.
International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services & Management 2011, 7: 143-149.