Thomas Diez

Professor of Political Science and International Relations
Political Science
University of Tübingen

Fields of interest: 

European integration, EU external relations, Eastern Mediterranean (Cyprus, Turkey), security and climate change, securitisation


Recent publications:

2011 International Relations: Key Concepts,
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2009 (ed.) Cyprus – a Conflict at the Crossroads,
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2009 (ed.) European Integration Theory, 2nd edition,
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2008 (ed.) The European Union  and Border Conflicts,
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press(with Mathias Albert and Stephan Stetter). ISBN 978-0521882965 hbk, 978-0521709491 pbk

2011 ‘The Changing Nature of International Institutions in Europe: The Challenge of the European Union’,
Journal of European Integration 33 (2), 117-138 (with Ian Manners and Richard G. Whitman). ISSN0703-6337.  DOI 10.1080/07036337.2011.543522.

2010 ‘The Cyprus Conflict and the Ambiguous Effects of Europeanization’,
Cyprus Review 22 (2), 175-86 (with Nathalie Tocci). ISSN 1015-2881.

2008 ‘Traditions of Citizenship and the Securitisation of Migration in Germany and Britain’,
Citizenship Studies 12 (6), 565-81 (with Vicki Squire). ISSN 1362-1025. DOI 10.1080/13621020802450643.

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