Matthew Dillon

Associate Professor
Classics & Ancient History, School of Humanities
University of New England, Armidale, Australia

Fields of interest: 

Ancient Greek religion, society, athletics and sport

Egyptian, Greek and Roman art & architecture


Recent publications:

Dillon M. 2012: 
Festive crowds welcome the god with the piping of the flute, competing with the courageous strength of their limbs. Pindar Nemean Ode 5.37-39’ in Scanlon, T. & Futrell, A. (eds)
The Oxford Handbook of Sport in the Ancient World, Oxford University Press, Oxon, 2012, forthcoming.

Dillon M. Garland, L. 2012: 
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Oxford & New York,

Dillon M. 2011: 
Solon as prophet and diviner: was the Athenian archon and mediator of 594 BC inspired by mania?’
Athens Institute for Education and Research, pp. 56-68, 2011.

Dillon M., Garland, L. 2010: 
Ancient Greece: Social and Historical Documents from Archaic Times to the Death of Alexander the Great, third edition, Routledge,
Oxford & New York, 2010.

Dillon M. 2008: 
Xenophon sacrificed on account of an expedition (Xenophon Anabasis 6.5.2): divination and the sphagia before ancient Greek battles’ in P. Brulè & V. Mehl (eds), Le sacrifice antique. Vestiges, procédures et stratégies,
Presses Universitaires Rennes, Rennes, pp. 235-51, 2008.

Dillon M. 2007:
Were Spartan women who died in childbirth honoured with grave inscriptions? Whether to read ‘hieron’ or ‘lechous’ at Plutarch Lykourgos 27.3’
Hermes: Zeitschrift für klassische Philologie, 135, pp. 149-6, 2007.

 Dillon M. 2006: 
Was Kleisthenes or Pleisthenes Archon at Athens in 525 BC?’
Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik, 155, pp. 91-107, 2006.

Dillon M. 2002:
Girls and Women in Classical Greek Religion, Routledge,
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Dillon M. 2002:
The Ancient Greeks in Their Own Words, Sutton, Gloucestershire,

Dillon M. 1997: 
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