Nikolaos (Nicholas) Dimakis

Associate Professor
Physics and Geology
University of Texas-Pan American

Fields of interest: 

Structural Biophysics, Chemisorption, Physical Chemistry, IR spectra for Polymers,X-ray absorption spectroscopy of metalloproteins and hemoproteins, Data analysis and molecular modeling.

Recent publications:

Evarts, S. A., Kendrick, I., Wallstromb, B. L., Mion, T., Abedid, M., Dimakis, N., and Smotkin, E. S.:
Ensemble site requirements for oxidative adsorption of methanol and ethanol on Pt membrane electrode assemblies,
ACS Catalysis, (2012), [accepted for publication].

Kendrick, I, Kumari, D. Yakaboski, A., Dimakis, N.,  and Smotkin, E.S.:
Elucidating the Fuel Cell Ionomer-Electrified Metal Interface,
J. Amer. Chem. Soc, 132(49), 17611–17616(2010).

Webber, M., Dimakis N., Kumari D., Fuccillo, M., and Smotkin, E.S.:
Mechanically Coupled Internal Coordinates of Ionomer Vibrational Modes,
Macromolecules, 43(13), 5500–2(2010).

Dimakis N., Mion T., Ramirez C., and BunkerG.:
XAFS Debye-Waller factors for deformed hemes and metal substituted hemes,
J. Phys., Conf. Series 190 012198 (2009).

Dimakis N., Mion T., and. BunkerG.:
Single and multiple scattering XAFS Debye-Waller factors for crystalline materials using periodic Density Functional Theory,
J. Phys., Conf. Series 190 012011 (2009).

Dimakis, N., Cowan, M., Hanson, G. and Smotkin, E.:
An Attraction-Repulsion Mechanism for Carbon Monoxide Adsorption on Platinum and Platinum-Ruthenium Alloys,
J. Phys. Chem. C 113(43), 18730–39(2009).

Dimakis, N., M. J. Farooqi, E.S. Garza, and Bunker, G.:
XAFS Debye-Waller Factors modeled expressions for Zn cysteine active sites of metalloproteins,
J. Chem. Phys. 128, 115104-9 (2008).

Dimakis, N., and Bunker, G.:
XAFS Debye-Waller Factors Temperature-Dependent Expressions for Fe+2-Porphyrin complexes,
XAFS13, 126-128 AIP (2006).

Dimakis, N.:
Ab InitioCalculation of XAFS Debye-Waller Factors for Crystalline materials,
XAFS13, 334-336 AIP (2006).

Dimakis, N., and Bunker, G.:
Ab-Initio Self Consistent X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure Analysis for Metalloproteins,
Biophys. J. Lett. 91,87-89(2006).