Daniele La Rosa

Fields of interest:

landscape and urban planning, land-use science, environmental indicators, GIS, environmental strategic assessment, sustainable urban and rural development, ecosystem services assessment, urban sprawl, spatial analysis for urban and regional planning, non-urbanised areas planning, remote sensing application for spatial planning

Recent publications:

La Rosa D., Wiesmann D.:
Land-cover extraction using the open source software R: an application to sustainable urban planning in Sicily.
GIScience and Remote Sensing 2013: 10.1080/15481603.2013.795307 (in press)

La Rosa D., Martinico F., Privitera R., La Greca P.:
Measures of Safeguard and Rehabilitation for Landscape Protection Planning: a qualitative approach based on diversity indicators
Journal of Environmental Management 2013: 10.1016/j.jenvman.2012.12.033 (in press)

La Rosa D.:
Non Urbanised Areas in Metropolitan context: Between Ecosystem Services and urban sprawl.
CreateSpace, 2012.

Bocchi S., La Rosa D., Pileri P.:
Agro-ecological analysis as a base study for UE water directive 2000/60. A case-study on the Seveso Basin District,
Environmental Manager 2012, 50: 514-529.

La Rosa D., Privitera R.:
Characterization of non-urbanized areas for land-use planning of agricultural and green infrastructure in urban contexts.
Landscape and Urban Planning 2012, 109: 94-106.

La Rosa D., Martinico F.:
Values, hazards and risks assessment in landscape protection planning in Sicily.
Journal of Environmental Management 2012: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jenvman.2012.05.030

La Rosa D.:
The observed landscape: map of visible landscape values in the province of Enna (Italy),
Journal of Maps 2011, 2011: 291-303.

La Greca, P., La Rosa D., Martinico F., Privitera R.:
Agricultural and green infrastructures: The role of non-urbanised areas for eco-sustainable planning in a metropolitan region
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