Jan Don

Assistant Professor
University of Amsterdam
E-mail: j.don@uva.nl
Page: http://home.medewerker.uva.nl/j.don/

Fields of interest:


Acquisition of Morphology


Recent publications:

Aalberse, Suzanne & Jan Don (to appear):
'Person and Number Syncretisms in Dutch', Andrew Nevins, Jonathan Bobalyik, Uli Sauerland (eds.)
special issue of Morphology

Aalberse, Suzanne & Jan Don (2009):
'Syncretism in Dutch Dialects',
Morphology 19:1, p. 3-12.

Don, Jan (2009):
'IE, Germanic: Dutch', in: Lieber, Rochelle & Pavel Stekauer (eds.)
The Oxford Handbook of Compounding, p. 370-385.

Ansaldo, Umberto,Jan Don and Roland Pfau (2008):
'Parts of Speech: Particulars, Universals, and Theoretical Constructs',
Studies in Language 32:3, p. 505-508

Don, Jan& Marian Erkelens (2008):
'Possible phonological cues in categorialacquisition: evidencefrom adult categorization',
Studies in Language 32:3, p. 670-682.