David Stanley

Research Leader
Biological Control of Insects Research Laboratory
USDA/Agricultural Research Service
E-mail: stanleyd@missouri.edu

Fields of interest: 

Cellular immunity signaling; prostaglandins


Recent publications:

An S, Dong S, Wang Q, Li S, Gilbert LI, Stanley D, Song Q:
Insect neuropeptide bursicon homodimers induce innate immune and stress genes during molting by activating NF-B transcription factor Relish.
PLoS ONE, 7(3), (2012): e34510.

Stanley DW, Kim Y:
Prostaglandins and their receptors in insect biology.
Frontiers in Endocrinology, 2, (2011): article 105.

Srikanth K, Park K, Stanley D, Kim Y:
Plasmatocyte spreading peptide influences hemocyte behavior via eicosanoids.
Arch. Insect Biochem. Physiol., 78, (2011): 145-160.

Fang, Q, Wang, L, Zhu Y, Stanley D, Chen X-X, Hu C, Ye G-Y:
Pteromalus puparum venom impairs host cellular immune responses by decreasing expression of its scavenger receptor gene.
Insect Biochem. Molec. Biol., 41, (2011): 852-862.

Stanley DW:
Eicosanoids: Progress toward manipulating insect immunity.
J. Applied Entomology, 135, (2011): 534-545.

Fang Q, Wang L, Zhu J-Y, Li Y-M, Song Q, Stanley DW, Akhtar Z-r, Ye G-Y:
Expression of immune-response genes in lepidopteran host is suppressed by venom from an endoparasitoid, Pteromalus puparum.
BMC Genomics, 11, (2010): 484.

Shrestha S, Park Y, Stanley D, Kim Y:
Genes encoding phospholipases A2 mediate insect nodulation reactions to bacterial challenge.
J. Insect Physiol., 56, (2010): 324-332.

Tunaz H, Stanley D:
An immunological axis of biocontrol: Infections in field-trapped insects.
Naturwissenschaften, 96, (2009): 115-119.

Stanley DW, Goodman C, An S, McIntosh A, Song, Q:
Prostaglandins A1 and E1 influence gene expression in an established insect cell line (BCIRL-HzAM1 Cells).
Insect Biochem. Molec. Biol., 38, (2008): 275-284.

Schmid MR, Brockmann A, Pirk CWW, Stanley DW, Tautz J:
Adult honey bees (Apis mellifera L.) abandon hemocytic, but not phenoloxidase-based immunity.
J. Insect Physiol., 54, (2008): 439-444.