Michael Duff Davis

Associate Professor, PhD
Research Imaging Institute
University of Texas Health Science Center
E-mail: davisduff@msn.com
Page: http://profiles.uthscsa.edu/?pid=profile&id=1BT0U68I1


Fields of interest:

  • Developing a primate aging model by studying brain maturation in the marmoset across its entire lifespan
  • The neuropharmacology of ADHD, depression and schizophrenia using functional imaging and in vivo receptor binding
  • The mechanism of action and influence of physical exercise in reducing stroke-induced damage
  • Characterizing the phenomenon that certain psychotropic drugs exhibit in initiating coordinated neuronal networking (e.g., calcium waves) using in vivo optical imaging


Recent publications:

Zwagerman N., Sprague S., Davis M. D., Daniels B., Goel G., Ding Y.:
Pre-ischemic exercise preserves cerebral blood flow during reperfusion in stroke
Neurol. Res. 2010; 32(5): 523-9.

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Bao A., Goins B., Dodd G. D., 3rd, Soundararajan A., Santoyo C., Otto R. A., Davis M. D., Phillips W. T.:
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Brain Res. 2006; 1075(1): 68-80.