Domagoj Vulin

Assistant Professor, Deputy Head of Petroleum Engineering Department
Petroleum Engineering Department
Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Fields of interest:

Sustainable Development, Waste Management and Waste Technology, Engineering Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer

Hydrocarbon reservoir simulation, pVT simulation, well testing data regression, geological CO2 storage, stochastic analysis, geothermal energy, petroleum production and processing

Recent publications:

Vulin, D., Saftić, B.; Kurevija, T.:
The Usage of Scarce Data in Preliminary Calculations of the Capacity for CO2 Storage into Mature Gas and Oil fields, and Deep Saline Aquifers in Sava Depression.
Proceedings of the X World Renewable Energy Congress. Glasgow, July 21-25, 2008., 2058-2063

Vulin, D.; Kurevija, T.;
Golub, M. Enhanced Geothermal Systems – The Usage Of CO2 As Heat Transmission Fluid.
Energija i okoliš 2008, 22.-24. Nov 2008. vol. 2. 247-258

Kurevija, T., Vulin, D.
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Kurevija, T., Vulin, D.:
Determining Of Undisturbed Ground Temperature As The Part Of Shallow Geothermal Resources Assessment,
Rudarsko-geološko-naftni zbornik, 22 (2010)

Kurevija, T., Kljaić, Ž.; Vulin, D.:
Analysis of geothermal energy exploitation on Karlovac geothermal field,
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Vulin, D., Kurevija, T., Kolenković, I.
The effect of mechanical rock properties on CO2 storage capacity,
Energy (Oxford). 45 (2012), 1; 512-518

Kurevija, T., Vulin, D., Krapec, V.
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Vulin, D., Saftić, B., Kurevija, T.:
Using the elastic properties of rocks and fluids to improve estimates of CO2 storage capacity in deep saline aquifers in Croatia.
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