Eve Blau

Adjunct Professor of the History of Urban Form
Department of Urban Planning and Design
Harvard University
E-mail: eblau@gsd.harvard.edu
Page: http://www.gsd.harvard.edu/people/eve-blau.html

Fields of interest

History and Theory of Modernism, 

Architecture and Modernity,

Urban Planning,

Modes of Representation


Recent Publications

Eve Blau
Baku. Oil and Urbanism. 
Ennetbaden: Lars Müller Verlag, 2012. 

Eve Blau, Ivan Rupnik, 
Project Zagreb: Transition as Condition, Strategy, Practice.
Barcelona: Actar D, 2007. 

Eve Blau, Banik-Schweitzer, Renate (Eds.)
Urban Form: Städtebau in der postfordistischen Gesellschaft. 
Wien: Löcker, 2003.

Eve Blau
Architecture or Revolution: Charles Moore and Yale in the Late 1960’s.
New Haven: Yale School of Architecture, 2001. 

Eve Blau(Ed.).
Architectural History 1999/2000: A Special Issue of Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians.
Vol. 58, No. 3. Chicago: Society of Architectural Historians, 1999a. 

Eve Blau
The Architecture of Red Vienna, 1919-1934.
Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1999b.

Eve Blau, Monika Platzer (Eds.).
Shaping the Great City: Modern Architecture in Central Europe, 1890-1937.
Munich: Prestel, 1999. 

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Architecture and Cubism.
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Architecture and its Image: Four Centuries of Architectural Representation.
Montreal: Centre Canadien d’Architecture/Canadian Centre for Architecture, 1989.

Eve Blau, 
Ruskinian Gothic: The Architecture of Deane and Woodward, 1845-1861.
Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1982.