Dr. Elizabeth Brophy

Keble College

Fields of interest:

Sculpture; Art; Architecture; Ptolemaic Egypt; Roman Egypt

Recent publications:

Elizabeth Brophy
Royal Statues in Egypt 300 BC – AD 220: Context and Function,
Archaeopress, (In Press)

Elizabeth Brophy
Distribution of Ptolemaic and Roman Statuary in Egypt,
In Continuity & Destruction in Alexander’s East; University of Oxford, 6-7th May 2011, Archaeopress (Forthcoming)

Elizabeth Brophy
Two-for-One: Looking at Egyptian Statues with Roman Features,
In Accetta, K., Fellinger, R., Lourenco Goncalves, P., Musselwhite, S. and Van Pelt, W.P (eds.), Current Research in Egyptology 2013: Proceedings of the Fourteenth Annual Symposium, University of Cambridge 2013Current Research in Egyptology XIV – Crossing Boundaries, Oxbow Books, 2014, pp 22-33

Elizabeth Brophy 2014,
Placing Pharaohs and Kings; Where were royal statues located in Ptolemaic Egypt?
In Grieb, V. Nawotka, K. &Wojciechowska, A. (eds.), Alexander & Egypt: History, Art, Tradition, Harrassowitz Verlag, 2014, pp 347-356