Edmunds Valdemars Bunkse

Professor Emeritus
Department of Geography
University of Delaware
E-mail: ebunkse@UDel.Edu
Page: http://www.udel.edu/Geography/faculty/bunkse.html

Fields of interest: 

Sensescapes and Human Sensorium
Humanistic Cultural Geography
History of Nature-culture Ideas
The Baltic Sea Region and the Baltic states
Urban, Cultural and Historical Geography
The Historical Geography of the American West

Recent publications:

Bunkse, E.
Geograafia ja elamise kunst  (In Estonian: Geography and The Art of Life)
Kirjastus Varrak, Tallin, 2012.

Bunkse, E.
The ineffable, ethereal, and evanescent as landscape values of local, national, and European identities
In Claval, P.; Agnew, J and Rocca, Z. (eds.): Landscapes, Identities and Development
Ashgate, London, 2011, 25-36.

Bunkse, E.
Vel joprojam auga berzu birstalas. Latvijas ainavas man. (In Latvian: Birch groves were still growing. The meaning of Latvian landscapes for me)
Akademiska Dzive, 46, 2009, 3-8.

Bunkse, E.
Beyond Images: The Phenomenology of Travel versus Tourism and Implications for Rural Landscapes
In Roca, Zoran, et al. (eds.): European Landscapes and Lifestyles. The Mediterranean and Beyond.
Edicoes Universitaerias Lusofonas, Lisbon, 2007, 385-395.

Bunkse, E.
Intimà bezgaliba [Intimate Inmensity]
Norden,Rigan, 2007.

Bunkse, E.
Feeling is believing: Landscape as a way of being in the world
Geografiska Annaler 89(3), 2007, 219-231. 

Bunkse, E.
Geography and the Art of Life
The Johns Hopkins University Press: Baltimore and London, 2004. 

Bunkse, E.
Softly Heaves the Glassy Sea. Nature’s Rhythms in an Era of Displacement
In Mels, T. (ed.): Rhythms of Nature, Place and Landscape.
Ashgate Publishing Limited: Hants, England, 2004, 71-86.

Bunkse, E.
Of Oaks, Erratic Boulders and Milkmaids. The Poet Imants Ziedonis and Art as Mediator Between Discourses About Rural Landscapes
In Palang, H; Soovali, H.; Antorp, M. and Setten, G. (eds.): European Rural Landscapes: Persistence and Change in a Globalising Environment.
Kluwer Academic Publishing: Dordrecht/Boston/London, 2004, 137-150.

Bunkse, E.
Commentary on the Lowenthal Papers: Environment, Humanities and Landscape
Annals of  the Association of American Geographers 94(4), 2003, 882-884.