Shimon Edelman

Cornell University

Fields of interest:

Grammar acquisition

Statistical learning of structure in time and space

Visual object and scene understanding

Consciousness and phenomenal awareness


Recent publications:

Fekete, T., and S. Edelman:
Towards a computational theory of experience,
in press in Consciousness and Cognition, 2011.

Edelman, S.:
Regarding reality: some consequences of two incapacities,
in press in Frontiers in Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology, 2011.

Waterfall, H. R., B. Sandbank, L. Onnis, and S. Edelman:
An empirical generative framework for computational modeling of language acquisition,
Journal of Child Language 37, 671-703 (2010).

Goldstein, M. H., H. R. Waterfall, A. Lotem, J. Halpern, J. Schwade, L. Onnis, and S. Edelman:
General cognitive principles for learning structure in time and space,
Trends in Cognitive Sciences 14, 249-258 (2010).

Edelman, S.:
Computing the Mind: How the Mind Really Works,
Oxford University Press, August 2008.

Onnis, L., H. R. Waterfall, and S. Edelman:
Learn Locally, Act Globally: Learning Language from Variation Set Cues,
Cognition 109, 423-430 (2008).