Ioannis Eleftherianos

Assistant Professor Of Molecular Biology
Biological Sciences
The George Washington University
Journal Editor of Invertebrate Immunity

Fields of interest: 

Insect Infection and Immunity, Host Pathogen Interactions

Recent publications:

Castillo, JC., Reynolds, SE. and Eleftherianos, I. (2011):
Insect immune responses to nematode parasites.
Trends in Parasitology27, 537-547.

Eleftherianos I, Schneider S. (2011):
Drosophila immunity research on the move.
Fly5, 1-8.

Eleftherianos I, Won S, Chtarbanova S, Squiban B, Ocorr K, Bodmer R, Beutler B, Hoffmann JA, Imler JL. (2011):
ATP-sensitive potassium channel (KATP)-dependent regulation of cardiotropic viral infections.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.108, 1024-1029.

Felfoldi G,Eleftherianos I,ffrench-Constant RH, Venekei I, Reynolds S. (2011):
SPH-3, a serine proteinase homologue protein, plays a central role in the immune defenses of the insect Manduca sexta.
Journal of Immunology186, 4828-4834.

Eleftherianos I, Revenis, C. (2011):
Role of the phenoloxidase system in insect hemostasis.
Journal of Innate Immunity3, 28-33.

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Dissecting the immune response to the entomopathogen Photorhabdus.
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Eleftherianos I, Joyce S, ffrench-Constant RH, Clarke DJ, Reynolds SE. (2010):
Probing the tri-trophic interaction between insects, nematodes and Photorhabdus.
Parasitology 137, 1695-1706.

Croker B, Crozat K, Berger M, Xia Y, Sovath S,Eleftherianos I,Imler JL, Beutler B. (2007):
ATP-sensitive potassium channels mediate survival during infection in mammals and insects.
Nature Genetics 39, 1453-1460.

Eleftherianos I,Boundy S, Joyce S, Aslam S, Marshall J, Cox R, Simpson T, Clarke D, ffrench-Constant R, Reynolds S. (2007):
An antibiotic produced by an insect-pathogenic bacterium suppresses host defenses through phenoloxidase inhibition.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences104, 2419-2424.

Eleftherianos I,Gokcen F, Millichap P, Felfoldi G, Trenczek T, ffrench-Constant R, Reynolds SE. (2007):
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Cellular Microbiology9, 1137-1147.