Artu Ellmann

Professor of Geodesy
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn

Fields of interest

  • Geoid modeling
  • Geodetic networks

Recent publications

A. Ellmann:
Considerations on the Further Improvements of Regional Geoid Modeling Over the Baltic Countries,
Geodesy and Cartography, 36, 5 – 15 (2010).

A. Ellmann:
Validation of the new Earth Gravitational Model EGM08 over the Baltic countries,
Mertikas, S. (Eds.). Proceedings of the International Symposium on Gravity, Geoid and Earth Observation, Chania, Greece, (2010).

A. Ellmann, J. Kaminskis, E. Parseliunas, H. Jürgenson and T. Oja:
Evaluation results of the Earth Gravitational Model EGM08 over the Baltic countries,
Newton's Bulletin, 4, 110-121 (2009).

A. Ellmann, T. All and T. Oja:
Toward unification of terrestial gravity data sets in Estonia.
Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences, 58, 229–245 (2009) .

A. Ellmann:
Modified Stokes's Formula for Regional Geoid Modeling, Deterministic and Stochastic Modifications of Stokes's Formula for Computing an Improved Geoid Model over the Baltic Countries,
VDM Verlag, 124 p. (2009).

P. Vajda, A. Ellmann, B. Meurers, P. Vaníček, P. Novák and R. Tenzer:
Global ellipsoidreferenced topographic, bathymetric and stripping corrections to gravity disturbance,
Studia Geophysica et Geodaetica, 52, 19-34 (2008).

A. Ellmann and P. Vaníček:
UNB application of Stokes-Helmert approach to geoid computation,
Journal of Geodynamics, 43, 200–213 (2007).

A. Ellmann:
Two deterministic and three stochastic modifications of Stokes’s formula: a case study for the Baltic countries,
Journal of Geodesy, 79, 11-23 (2005).