Erik Reimhult

Univ. prof., Head of Department
Department of Nanobiotechnology
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna

Fields of interest

core-shell nanoparticle synthesis, colloidal self-assembly, particle strings, nanoparticle-membrane interactions, cell membrane model systems, bacteria colloidal interactions, magnetically actuated membranes


Recent publications

L. Isa, F. Lucas, R. Wepf, E. Reimhult:
Measuring wetting properties of single nanoparticles at liquid interfaces,
Nature Communications, Vol. 2, (2011), p. 438.

L. Isa, E. Amstad, K. Schwenke, E. Del Gado, P. Ilg, M. Kröger, E. Reimhult:
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Soft Matter, Vol. 7, (2011), pp. 7663-7675.

X. Xie, J. Möller, R. Konradi, M. Kisielow, A. Franco-Obregón, E. Nyfeler, A. Mühlebach, M. Chabria, M. Textor, Z. Lu, E. Reimhult:
Automated time-resolved analysis of bacteria-substrate interactions using functionalized microparticles and flow cytometry,
Biomaterials, Vol. 32, (2011), pp. 4347-4357.

E. Amstad, J. Kohlbrecher, E. Müller, T. Schweizer, M. Textor and E. Reimhult:
Triggered release from liposomes through magnetic actuation of iron oxide nanoparticle containing membranes
Nano Letters, Vol. 11, (2011), pp. 1664-1670.

N. Graf, F. Albertini, T. Petit, E. Reimhult, J. Vörös and T. Zambelli:
Electrochemically stimulated release from liposomes embedded in a polyelectrolyte multilayer,
Adv. Funct. Mater., Vol. 21, (2011), pp. 1666-1672.

L. Isa, K. Kumar, M. Müller, J. Grolig, M. Textor, E. Reimhult:
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