Erica Rowan

Associate Research Fellow
Classics and Ancient History
University of Exeter
Coordinating Editor of Food and the senses

Short biographical information:

I am an archaeologist with a specialization in archaeobotany. I am interested in utilizing ancient plant remains to gain a better understanding of the consumption and acquisition of food in the ancient Mediterranean. My research interests are in the areas of Roman food, nutrition, health, as well as the economies of food production and trade.

I recently completed my DPhil at the University of Oxford where I examined Roman nutrition and food consumption practices in the area around Mount Vesuvius.

List of publications

Rowan, E. and Sala, G. (forthcoming) Cheese production and consumption in the Roman world.

Rowan, E. (forthcoming 2016) Olive and olive oil. In: C. Holleran and P. Erdkamp (eds.) Diet and Nutrition in the Roman World. Ashgate.

Rowan, E. (forthcoming 2015) Sewers, archaeobotany and diet at Pompeii and Herculaneum. In: M. Flohr (ed.) The Economy of Pompeii. Oxford Studies on the Roman Economy Series. Oxford University Press.

Rowan, E. (forthcoming 2015) The utility of olive oil pressing waste as a fuel source in the Roman world. In: R. Veal and V. Leitch (eds.) Fuel and Fire in the Ancient Roman World: Towards an integrated economic approach. McDonald Institute Monographs.

Rowan, E. (October 2015) Olive oil pressing waste as a fuel source in antiquity. AJA 119(3).

Robinson, M and Rowan, E. (May 2015) Herculaneum. In: Wilkins, J. and Nadaeu, R. (eds.) Companion to Food in the Ancient World. Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, UK.

Rowan E. (2014) The fish remains from the Cardo V sewer: new insights into taphonomy, consumption and the fishing economy of Herculaneum. In: E. Botte and V. Leitch (eds.) Fish and Ships: Production and Commerce of Salsmenta During Antiquity. Arles: Errance