Prof. Mehdi Eshagh

Senior Managing Editor, Journal of Geodetic Science
Department of Engineering Science
University West, Sweden

Responsibilities at De Gruyter Open:

Fills each issue on time and with a sufficient number of good articles

Searches for good submissions

Builds team of Editors in all subfields of geodetic science

Develops and maintains contacts with many scientists, especially with potential authors

Promotes published articles to readers and citers

Fields of interest

  • Mathematical statistics and adjustment theory
  • Satellite gravity gradiometry, Orbit determination, gravity field determination
  • Physical Geodesy, Geoid determination and datum unification
  • Geodetic network design and optimization

Recent publications:

Eshagh M. (2014)
A theoretical study on terrestrial gravimetric data refinement by Earth gravity models,
Geophys. Prosp. 62: 158-171.

Eshagh M., Lemoine J.M., Gegout P. and Biancale R. (2013)
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The use of Gaussian equations of motions of a satellite for local gravity anomaly recovery,
Adv. Space Res. 52(1):30-38.

Eshagh M. (2013)
On the reliability and error calibration of some recent Earth’s gravity models of GOCE with respect to EGM08,
Acta Geod. Geophys. Hung., 48(2): 199-208.

Eshagh M. (2013)
An integral approach to regional gravity field refinement using Earth gravity models,
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Eshagh M. and Ebadi S. (2013)
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Earth Sci. Inf. 6:113-125.

Eshagh M. (2013)
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