Aurora Esquela-Kerscher

Assistant Professor
Microbiology & Molecular Cell Biology, Leroy T. Canoles Cancer Research Center
Eastern Virginia Medical School

Fields of interest: 

miRNAs, mouse & C. elegans  models, cancer biology, biomarkers


Recent publications:

Esquela-Kerscher, A., Johnson, S.M., Bai, L., Saito, K., Partridge, J., Reinert, K., and Slack, F.J.:
Post-embryonic expression of C. elegans microRNAs belonging to the lin-4 and let-7 families in the hypodermis and reproductive system.
Dev Dyn 234:868-877.(2005)

Schulman, B., Esquela-Kerscher, A., Slack, F.J.:
Temporal expression of lin-41 and the microRNAs let-7 and mir-125 during mouse embryogenesis.
Dev Dyn 234:1046-1054. (2005)

Esquela-Kerscher*, A., and Slack, F.J.:
Oncomirs – MicroRNAs with a role in cancer.
Nature Reviews Cancer 6:259-269. (2006)

Johnson, C.*, Esquela-Kerscher, A.*, Stefani, G.*, Byrom, M., Kelnar, K., Ovcharenko, D., Wilson, M., Wang, X., Shelton, J., Shingara, J., Brown, D., and Slack, F.J.:
The let-7 microRNA represses cell proliferation pathways in human cells.
Cancer Res. 67:7713-7722. (2007)

Esquela-Kerscher, A., Trang, P., Wiggins,J.F., Patrawala, L., Cheng, A., Ford, L., Weidhaas, J.B., Brown, D., Bader, A.G., & Slack, F.J.:
The let-7 microRNA reduces tumor growth in mouse models of lung cancer.
Cell Cycle. Mar; 7(6):759-64. (2008)

Kato, M., Paranjape, T., Ullrich, R., Nallur, S., Gillespie, E., Keane, K., Esquela-Kerscher, A., Weidhaas, J.B., and Slack, F.J.:
The mir-34 microRNA is required for the DNA damage response in vivo in C. elegans and in vitro in human cells.
Oncogene. 28(25):2419-24. (2009)

Breving, K. & Esquela-Kerscher, A.:
The complexities of microRNA regulation: mirandering around the rules.
Int. J. Biochem Cell Biol. 42(8):1316-29. (2010)

Jo, J & Esquela-Kerscher, A.:
A growing molecular toolbox for the functional analysis of microRNAs in C. elegans.
Briefings in Functional Genomics. (2011)