Efthymia Tsaroucha

PhD Candidate in Cognitive Linguistics
School of English, Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics
Aristotle University
E-mail: eftsar@enl.auth.gr, etsaroucha@uni-koblenz.de

Fields of interest:

Cognitive Linguistics: Cognitive Semantics; Metonymy, Metaphor, Blending, Image Schemas, Idiomatic Expressions; Critical Discourse Analysis: Media and Political Discourse; Psycholinguistics: First and Second Language Acquisition

Recent publications:

E. Tsaroucha,
Do we always speak of what we mean? (Non)referring expressions in discourse.
Major Trends in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics: Selected Papers of the 20th International Symposium on Theoretical and Applied Linguistics 2014. [http://degruyteropen.com/]

E. Tsaroucha,
Conceptual blending: the case of idiomatic expressions.
Selected Papers from the 7th APC (forthcoming online).

E. Tsaroucha,
The Jewish Community of Thessaloniki and the 20th century newspapers: A linguistic approach on the grounds of two cognitive processes.
The Selected Papers of the Interdisciplinary Symposium on the Period 1872-1912: “Thessaloniki on the Eve of 1912” (forthcoming online).