Eva van Rooij

Sr. Director of Biology
miRagen Therapeutics
E-mail: evanrooij@miragenrx.com

Fields of interest

Signal transduction,
Cardiovascular disease,


Recent publications

van Rooij E, Sutherland LB, Liu N, Williams AH, McAnally J, Gerard RD, Richardson JA, Olson EN.
A signature pattern of stress-responsive microRNAs that can evoke cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A., 103(48):18255-60 (2006)

Eva van Rooij, Lillian B. Sutherland, Xiaoxia Qi, James A. Richardson, Joseph Hill and Eric N. Olson.
Control of stress-dependent cardiac growth and gene expression by a microRNA .
Science (2007)

Eva van Rooijand Eric N. Olson.
MicroRNAs: Powerful New Regulators of Heart Disease and Provocative Therapeutic Targets.
 J Clin Inves., 117:2369-2376 (2007)

Eva van Rooij, Lillian B. Sutherland, Jeffrey E. Thatcher,J. Micheal DiMaio, Rao H. Naseem, William S. Marshall, Joseph Hill and Eric N. Olson.
Dysregulation of microRNAs after myocardial infarction reveals a role of miR-29 in cardiac fibrosis.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A., 105(35):13027-32 (2008)

Eva van Rooij, Daniel Quiat, Brett A. Johnson, Lillian B. Sutherland,Xiaoxia Qi, James A. Richardson,Robert J. Kelm Jr.,and Eric N. Olson.
A Family of microRNAs Encoded by Myosin Genes Governs Myosin Expression and Muscle Performance .
Dev Cell., 17(5):662-73(2009)

David Patrick, Rusty L. Montgomery, Xiaoxia Qi, Sakari Kauppinen, Joseph Hill,Eva van Rooij  and Eric N. Olson.
Stress-dependent cardiac remodeling in the absence of microRNA-21.
 J Clin Invest.,120(11):3912-6 (2010)

Rusty L. Montgomery, Joshua M. Lynch, Hillary Semus, Thomas G. Hullinger, Anita G. Seto, Brent A. Dickinson, Christianna Stack, Paul Latimer, Katie H. Robinson, andEva van Rooij.
Therapeutic inhibition of miR-208 improves cardiac function and remodeling during heart failure. 
Circulation., 124(14):1537-47 (2011)

Thomas G. Hullinger, Rusty L. Montgomery, Anita G. Seto, Brent A. Dickinson, Joshua M. Lynch, Christianna Stack, Paul Latimer, Christina M. Dalby, Katie H. Robinson, Joshua Hare, Eric N. Olson andEva van Rooij.
LNA-mediated inhibition of miR-15 protects against cardiac ischemic injury.
Circ Res., 110(1):71-81 (2012)

Eva van Rooij, Angela Purcell, and Arthur A Levin.
Developing miRNA therapeutics. 
Circ Res., 110(3):496-507 (2012)

Grueter CE, van Rooij E, Johnson BA, Deleon SM, Sutherland LB, Qi X, Gautron L, Elmquist JK, Bassel-Duby R, Olson EN.
A Cardiac MicroRNA Governs Systemic Energy Homeostasis by Regulation of MED13 
Cell,149(3):671-83 (2012)