Vyvyan Evans


Professor of Linguistics
School of Linguistics & English Language Bangor University, UK
Bangor University, UK
E-mail: v.evans@bangor.ac.uk
Page: http://www.vyvevans.net

Fields of interest:

Cognitive linguistics


Recent publications:

Evans, V.:
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Cognitive Linguistics 21-4: 601-662.

Evans, V.:
‘From the spatial to the non-spatial: The ‘state’ lexical concepts of in, on and at.  2010.
In V. Evans & P. Chilton (eds.).  Language, Cognition & Space.  Published by Equinox. 

Evans, V.:
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In New Directions in Cognitive Linguistics, edited by V. Evans and S. Pourcel.  Published by John Benjamins.

Evans, V.:
How Words Mean:
Lexical concepts, cognitive models and meaning construction, 2009, Oxford University Press.

Evans, V.:
‘Towards a Cognitive Compositional Semantics: An Overview of LCCM Theory’. 2007. 
In Further Insights into Semantics and Lexicography, edited by Ulf Magnusson, Henryk Kardela and Adam Glaz.  pp. 11-42.  Lublin, Poland: Wydawnictwo UMCS.

Evans, V.:
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