Martin Everaert

Professor of Linguistics
Modern Languages, Linguistics
Utrecht University

Fields of interest:



Lexicon: anaphora, idioms/collocations, argument structure

Recent publications:

Everaert, M., M. Marelj, T. Siloni (Eds.) 2012:
The Theta system: Argument Structure and the Lexicon-Syntax Interface,
Oxford University Press

Reuland, E.J. & M. Everaert, 2010:
Reaction to: “The Myth of Language Universals and cognitive science”—Evans and Levinson’s cabinet of curiosities: Should we pay the fee?
Lingua 120.12, 2713-2716

Everaert, M., 2010:
The lexical encoding of idioms. In M. Rappaport Hovav, I. Sichel, E. Doron (Eds.)
Syntax, Lexical Semantics and Event Structure(pp 76-98). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Everaert, M, S. Musgrave, A. Dimitriadis (Eds). 2009:
The Use of Databases in Cross-Linguistic Studies,
Mouton de Gruyter

Everaert, M. 2008:
Domain restrictions on reciprocal interpretation, In: Ekkehard König and Volker Gast (eds),
Reciprocals and Reflexives. Theoretical and typlogical Explorations, pp 557-576.

Everaert, M, H. Van Riemsdijk (Eds.) 2006:
The Blackwell Companion to Syntax, Volumes I-V,
Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.

Alexiadou, A, E. Anagnostopoulou, M. Everaert (Eds.) 2004:
The Unaccusativity Puzzle: Explorations of the Syntax-Lexicon Interface,
Oxford University Press.