Luciano Fadiga

Full Professor of Human Physiology
University of Ferrara

Fields of interest

Electrophysiological investigation in monkeys and humans (transcranial magnetic stimulation, study of spinal excitability and brain imaging).


Recent publications

Castellini C, Badino L, Metta G, Sandini G, Tavella M, Grimaldi M, Fadiga L.:
The use of phonetic motor invariants can improve automatic phoneme discrimination.
PLoS One., 2011, 6, e24055

Senot P, D’Ausilio A, Franca M, Caselli L, Craighero L, Fadiga L.:
Effect of weight-related labels on corticospinal excitability during observation of grasping: a TMS study.
Exp Brain Res., 2011, 211, 161-167

Censolo R, Craighero L, Ponti G, Rizzo L, Canto R, Fadiga L.:
Electromyographic activity of hand muscles in a motor coordination game: effect of incentive scheme and its relation with social capital.
PLoS One., 2011, 6, e17372

D’Ausilio A, Bufalari I, Salmas P, Busan P, Fadiga L.:
Vocal pitch discrimination in the motor system.
Brain Lang., 2011, 118, 9-14

Tia B, Saimpont A, Paizis C, Mourey F, Fadiga L, Pozzo T.:
Does observation of postural imbalance induce a postural reaction?
PLoS One., 2011, 6, e17799

Bisio A, Stucchi N, Jacono M, Fadiga L, Pozzo T.:
Automatic versus voluntary motor imitation: effect of visual context and stimulus velocity.
PLoS One., 2010, 5, e13506

Metta G, Natale L, Nori F, Sandini G, Vernon D, Fadiga L, von Hofsten C, Rosander K, Lopes M, Santos-Victor J, Bernardino A, Montesano L.:
The iCub humanoid robot: an open-systems platform for research in cognitive development.
Neural Net., 2010, 23, 1125-34