Jiří Faimon

Associate professor
Department of Geological Sciences
Masaryk University
E-mail: faimon@sci.muni.cz

Fields of interest:

  • Hydrogeochemistry,
  • experimental geochemistry,
  • mineral-water interaction, 
  • exogenous processes, 
  • karst processes, 
  • dynamics of systems 


Recent publications:

J. Faimon, M. Blecha: 
Interaction of freshly precipitated silica gel with aqueous silicic acid solutions under ambient and near neutral pH-conditions: A detailed analysis of linear rate
Aquatic Geochemistry, Vo. 14, (2008), pp. 1-40. 

J. Faimon, J. Stelcl, D. Sas: 
Anthropogenic CO2-flux into cave atmosphere and its environmental impact: A case study in the Cisarska Cave (Moravian Karst, Czech Republic).,
Science of the Total Environment, Vol. 369, (2006), pp. 231-245. 

J. Faimon: 
Shaping of clay fragments during transport: a theoretical model,
Geologica Carpathica, Vol. 56, (2005), pp. 455-460. 

J. Faimon: 
Total dynamics of quartz-water system at ambient conditions,.
Aquatic Geochemistry, Vol. 11, (2005), pp. 139-172. 

J. Faimon, S. Nehyba: 

The formation of spherical clay balls on the slopes of sandpit quarry, the Rudice-Sec (Czech Republic).,
Catena, Vol. 58, (2004), pp. 23-40. 

J. Faimon, J. Zimák, P. Zajíček, M. Schwarzová, J. Štelcl: 
The study of recent destructive processes in the Moravian Karts caves (Czech Republic).,
Geographica, Acta Universitatis Palckianae Olomucensis, Facultas Rerum Naturalium. Palacký University
Vol. 38, (2004), pp. 9-13. 

J. Faimon: 
Formation of colloidal silica and alumina during experimental granodiorite
Aquatic Geochemistry, Vol. 9, (2003), pp. 305-341. 

J. Faimon, J. Stelcl, S. Kubesova, et al.:
Environmentally acceptable effect of hydrogen peroxide on cave "lamp-flora", calcite speleothems and
Environmental Pollution, Vol. 122, (2003), pp. 417-422.