Filiberto Altobelli

Council for Agricultural Research and Analysis of Agricultural Economics (CRA)

Fields of interest:

Water management in agriculture, Water Policy, Water Footprint, Water Smart Agriculture, Agricultural Economic.

Recent publications:

Altobelli F., D’Urso G., Del Giudice T. (2015). Irrigated agricultural systems in italy: demand and supply of water management instruments. Proceeding of international conference, seventh edition, ecological performance in a competitive economy. Bucharest 05 March 2015. Supplement of “Quality-Access to Success” Journal. Volume 16, S1, 2015. ISSN 1582-2559.

Altobelli F. (2014). Food security and Principles for Responsible Agricultural Investment : international debate and policy initiatives. In: Water, Energy and Food Security and the Challenge of Large-Scale Land Acquisitions (2014).Workshop. 26/11/2014.IUAV.Venezia, Italy.

Altobelli F., Dalla Marta A. , Cimino O., Orlandini S. and Natali F. (2014) Sustainability of italian agriculture: a methodological approach for assessing crop water footprint al local scale. agu fall meeting 15-19 december 2014 San Francisco (USA).

Meybeck A., Altobelli F., Gitz V., Dalla Marta A. and Cimino O. (2014) Environmental economic and social efficiencies of irrigated farming systems: using water footprint indicators to compare farm income and labor generated per volume of water available in irrigated farming systems in Campania, Italy. 2014 agu fall meeting 15-19 December 2014 San Francisco (USA).

Altobelli F. (2014) Accounting for water in agriculture in the context of sustainable food production under growing water scarcity. FAO – UNEP Sustainable Food Systems Programme Workshop on Knowledge and Information for Sustainable Food Systems10–11 September 2014 Iran Room FAO headquarters, Rome.

Altobelli F., Lupia F., Vuolo F., D’ Urso G., De Michele C., Dalla Marta A. (2014). Harnessing irrigation advisory services data for estimating the water footprint of crops. 7-10 April 2014; ISBN 978-9963-697-11-3 in proceeding of: second international conference on remote sensing and geoinformation of environment, Paphos, Cyprus

Altobelli F., Maybeck A., Gitz V. and Dalla Marta A. (2014). How to use water footprint as an indicator to assess the sustainability of food systems? insights from a Mediterranean perspective. EGU General Assembly 2014 Abstract Processing Charge EGU2014-6770, European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2014 Vienna Austria, 27 April – 02 May 2014.

Altobelli F. (2014). Economic and environmental benefits arising from the use of advisory services to irrigation. Invited speakers to workshop “New technologies for the monitoring of areas and irrigation withdrawals for the efficient management of water resources” Land reclamation consortium Sannio Alifano. Sannio Alifano (CA) 25 Marzo 2014.

Bonati G. e Altobelli F. (2014). Climate-smart agriculture: a comprehensive approach to the success of sdgs? Invited speaker to workshop “sustainability environment and agriculture: the elements of reflection on the global agenda in 2015 POST Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry- Roma 19/06/2014.

Altobelli F. (2014). The role of europe in land deals: understanding the food-energy-water security nexus. Enel Foudation jointly carried out with Politecnico di Milano and Iuav University in Venice, Auditorium Enel, via Mantova January 30, 2014 in Rome.