Fereydoon Family

Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor
Department of Physics
Emory University, Atlanta
E-mail: phyff@emory.edu
Page: http://www.physics.emory.edu/faculty/family/

Fields of interest:

  • Simulational and Computational Approach to Condensed Matter Physics


Recent publications (selected):

F. Family, H.A. Larrondo, D.G. Zarlenga et al.:
Chaotic dynamics and control of deterministic ratchets,
Journal Of Physics-Condensed Matter, Vol. 17(47), (2005), pp. S3719-S3739.

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Fractal modeling of choroidal neovascularization,
Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, Vol. 45, Suppl. 1, (2004).

H.G.E. Hentschel, M.N. Popescu and F. Family:
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ACS Symposium Series, Vol. 882, (2004), pp. 85-96.

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Zipping thermal ratchets,
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Dynamic scaling, island size distribution, and morphology in the aggregation regime of submonolayer pentacene films,
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