Marie-Odile Fauvarque

Group leader
Institute of life sciences research and technologies (iRTSV)

Fields of interest: 

Drosophila genetics, Host-pathogen interaction, Innate immunity, Inflammation & cancer


Recent publications:

Taillebourg E, Gregoire I, Viargues P, Jacomin AC, Thevenon D, Faure M et al.:
The deubiquitinating enzyme USP36 controls selective autophagy activation by ubiquitinated proteins.
Autophagy, 8(5), 2012, in press.

Fais S, Fauvarque MO:
TM9 and cannibalism: how to learn more about cancer by studying amoebae and invertebrates.
Trends Mol Med., 18(1), (2012): 4-5.

Fauvarque MO, Williams MJ:
Drosophila cellular immunity: a story of migration and adhesion.
J Cell Sci., 124(Pt 9), (2011): 1373-1382.

Thevenon D, Engel E, Avet-Rochex A, Gottar M, Bergeret E, Tricoire H et al.:
The Drosophila ubiquitin-specific protease dUSP36/Scny targets IMD to prevent constitutive immune signaling.
Cell Host Microbe, 6(4), (2009): 309-320.

Bergeret E, Perrin J, Williams M, Grunwald D, Engel E, Thevenon D et al.:
TM9SF4 is required for Drosophila cellular immunity via cell adhesion and phagocytosis.
J Cell Sci., 121(Pt 20), (2008): 3325-3334.

Alibaud L, Kohler T, Coudray A, Prigent-Combaret C, Bergeret E, Perrin J et al.:
Pseudomonas aeruginosa virulence genes identified in a Dictyostelium host model.
Cell Microbiol., 10(3), (2008): 729-740.

Avet-Rochex A, Perrin J, Bergeret E, Fauvarque MO:
Rac2 is a major actor of Drosophila resistance to Pseudomonas aeruginosa acting in phagocytic cells.
Genes Cells, 12(10), (2007): 1193-1204.

Anselme C, Vallier A, Balmand S, Fauvarque MO, Heddi A:
Host PGRP gene expression and bacterial release in endosymbiosis of the weevil Sitophilus zeamais.
Appl Environ Microbiol., 72(10), (2006): 6766-6772.

Avet-Rochex A, Bergeret E, Attree I, Meister M, Fauvarque MO:
Suppression of Drosophila cellular immunity by directed expression of the ExoS toxin GAP domain of Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
Cell Microbiol., 7(6), (2005): 799-810.

Fauvarque MO, Bergeret E, Chabert J, Dacheux D, Satre M, Attree I:
Role and activation of type III secretion system genes in Pseudomonas aeruginosa-induced Drosophila killing.
Microb Pathog., 32(6), (2002): 287-295.