Leonardo Feltrin

Research Fellow
School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
James Cook University
E-mail: Leonardo.Feltrin@jcu.edu.au
Page: http://www.jcu.edu.au/ees/

Fields of interest:

  • geomathematics, 
  • geostatistics


Recent publications:

L. Feltrin, J.G. McLellan and N.H.S. Oliver: 
Modelling the giant, Zn-Pb-Ag Century deposit, Queensland, Australia,
Computers & Geosciences, In Press, (2008), doi:10.1016/j.cageo.2007.09.002. 

L. Feltrin:
Predictive modelling of prospectivity for Pb-Zn deposits in the Lawn Hill Region, Queensland, Australia, 
Ore Geology Reviews, Vol. 34(3), (2008), pp.399-427.

L. Feltrin, T. Baker, N. H. S. Oliver, M. Scott, K. Wilkinson, M. Fitzel, O. Dixon, M. Bertelli: 
Using Geomodelling and Geophysical Inversion to Evaluate the Geological Controls on Low-Sulphidation Epithermal Au-Ag Mineralisation in the Drummond and Bowen Basins, Australia, In: GIS in Geology and Earth Sciences: 4th International Conference: In Vista of New Approaches for the Geoinformatics, American Institute of Physics conference proceedings,
Queretaro, Mexico, 2008, pp. 123-149.