Federica Guerini

Adjunct Professor
Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Communications
University of Bergamo
E-mail: federica.guerini@unibg.it
Page: http://www.unibg.it/pers/?federica.guerini

Fields of interest:

Linguistic and sociolinguistic outcomes of language contact, African languages, African and Germanic onomastic systems, multilingual communication, language attitudes and language awareness in multilingual settings.

Recent publications:

F. Guerini
Language contact, language mixing and identity: the Akan spoken by Ghanaian immigrants in Northern Italy.
International Journal of Bilingualism, 2013.

P. Molinelli, F. Guerini (eds.)
Plurilinguismo e diglossia tra Tarda Antichità e Medioevo
[Traditio et Renovatio series, 4], Firenze: Edizioni SISMEL – Del Galluzzo 2013.

F. Guerini, F. Coulmas
Literacy and writing reform.
In Bernard Spolsky (ed.), The Cambridge Handbook of Language Policy, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2012, pp.437–460.

F. Guerini
«ENGLISH koraa yɛde Twi MIXe!» Is the variety of Akan spoken by Ghanaian
immigrants in Northern Italy developing into a mixed code?
International Journal of Linguistics 4(1/2012), pp. 174–202.

F. Guerini, S. Dal Negro (eds.)
International Journal of the Sociology of Language 210 (ISSN 0165-2516 ∙ e-ISSN 1613-3668), special issue on “Italian Sociolinguistics: twenty years on”, 2011.

F. Guerini
Language policy and ideology in Italy
International Journal of the Sociology of Language 210, 2011.

F. Guerini
Polyphony in multilingual interaction. Code-switching in reported speech among
Ghanaian immigrants in Bergamo
Linguistica e Filologia XXIX, 2009, pp. 61–83.