Fernando José Cebola Lidon

Associate Professor with Habilitation
Earth Sciences Department
Faculty of Sciences and Technology – New University of Lisbon - Portugal
E-mail: fjl@fct.unl.pt
Page: http://www.dct.fct.unl.pt/pessoas/docentes/fernando-lidon

Fields of interest:

Plant Physiology and Bichemistry; Food Technology; Nutrition; Reactive oxygen Species; Food storage

Recent publications:

Lidon, F. C., J. C. Ramalho, I. P. Pais, A. P. Ramos, M. J. Santos, J. D. Arrabaça, M. G. Barreiro (2012). Fungistatic action of Aureobasidium pullulans on Penicillium expansum in ‘Rocha’ pear: oxidative stress during maturation. International Journal of Pest Management 58/1, 41-52.

Amaro, C. S. O., C. Flores, F. C. Lidon (2014). Pyridoxine analysis by high performance liquid chromatography and validation in fortified milk powder. Acta Alimentaria, An International Journal of Food Science 43/2, 105-113.

Bicho, N. C., A. E. Leitão, J. C. Ramalho, N. B. Alvarenga, F. C. Lidon (2013). Impact of roasting time on the sensory profile of Arabica and Robusta coffee. Ecology and Food Nutrition 52, 163-177.

Bicho, N. C, Leitão, A. E., Ramalho, J. C., Lidon, F. C. (2012). Chemical descriptors for sensory and parental origin of Coffea genotypes. International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition 63/7, 835-842.

Ramalho, J. C., Fortunato, A. S., Goulão, L.F., Lidon F. C. (2013). Cold induced changes in mineral content in Coffeea spp. leaves – identification of descriptors for tolerance assessment. Biologia Plantarum 57/3, 495-506

Ramalho, J. C., Zlatev, Z., Leitão, A. E., Pais, I. P., Fortunato, A., Lidon, F. C. (2014). Moderate water stress causes differential stomatal and non-stomatal changes on the photosynthetic functioning of Phaseolus vulgaris L. genotypes. Plant Biology 16, 136-146. Doi:10.1111/plb.12018

Ramalho, J.C., Rodrigues, A.P., Semedo, J.N., Pais, I., Martins, L.D., Simões-Costa, M.C., Leitão, A.E., Fortunato, A.F., Batista-Santos, P., Palos, I., Lopes, E., Tomaz, M.A., Scotti-Campos, P., Lidon, F.C., DaMatta, F.M. (2013). Sustained photosynthetic performance of Coffea spp. Under long-term enhanced [CO2]. Plos One 8/12, e82712.

Ribeiro, V.S., Leitão, A.E., Ramalho, J.C., Lidon, F.C. (2014). Chemical characterization and antioxidant properties of a new coffee blend with cocoa, coffee silverskin and green coffee minimally processed. Food Research International 61, 39-47.

Lidon, F.C., Ramalho, J.C. (2014). In UV-B irradiated rice high levels of Mn limits chloroplasts injury triggered by oxidative stress. Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science 200, 457-466.

Martins, L.D., Tomaz, M.A., Lidon, F.C., DaMatta, F.M., Ramalho, J.C. (2014- accepted). Combined effects of elevated [CO2] and high temperature on leaf mineral balance in Coffea spp. plants. Climate Change #, #-#. DOI: 10.1007/s10584-014-1236-7