John Flowerdew

Department of English
City University of Hong Kong

Fields of interest:

Discourse analysis

Critical discourse analysis


Corpus linguistics

English for academic purposes

English for specific purposes

Second language listening

Ssecond language teacher education

Recent publications:

Critical Discourse Analysis in Historiography: The Case of Hong Kong’s Evolving Political Identity. Palgrave/Macmillan. 2011.

Reconciling approaches to genre analysis in ESP: the whole can equal more than the sum of the parts. In D. Belcher, A. Johns and B. Paltridge (Eds.) New directions in ESP research. Michigan: University of Michigan Press. pp. 119-144. 2011.

Presumed meaning in the discursive construction of socio-cultural and political identity. (joint author with Solomon Leong) Journal of Pragmatics. 42 (8), 2240–2252, 2010.

The linguistic and the contextual in applied genre analysis: the case of the audit report (joint author with A. Wan) English for Specific Purposes. 29 (1), 78-93, 2010.

Use of signalling nouns across L1 and L2 writer corpora. International Journal of Corpus Linguistics. 15 (1), 34-53, 2010.

Advances in Discourse Studies. (joint editor and contributor with V. Bhatia and R. Jones). London: Routledge. Total pages 262, 2008

Corpora in Language Teaching, in The Handbook of Language Teaching M. H. Long and C. J. Doughty (Eds.). Wiley-Blackwell: Oxford pp. 327-350. 2009.