Michael J. Flynn

Emeritus Professor of Electrical Engineering
Department of Electrical Engineering
Stanford University, Stanford, CA
E-mail: flynn@ee.stanford.edu
Page: http://arith.stanford.edu/~flynn/

Fields of interest: 

Microprocessor architecture and VLSI support tools. Computer Architecture and Organization

Parallel Processors and Processes

Computer Arithmetic

Optical Interconnections Neural Basis for Computing


Recent publications:


Honorary Doctor, University of Belgrade, 2009.
The Tesla Award and Medal, from the International Tesla Society (Belgrade), “For important contributions to computer architecture”, August 1998.
IEEE Computer Society Golden Core Award, 1996.
Harry B. Goode memorial award: “F For pivitor and seminal contributions to the design and classification of computer architecture.”, 1995
Fellow, the Association for Computing Machinery “For outstanding contributions to the computer field”, 1994.
ACM/IEEE Eckert-Mauchly Award “for important and seminal contributions to processor organization and classification, computer arithmetic, and performance evaluation.”, 1992.
EuroEngineer, Federation of European Engineering Associations, 1989.
Fellow, the Institution of Engineers of Ireland, “For service to the profession”, 1981
IDA Fellow, 1981
Fellow, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, “For outstanding contributions to the field of computer architecture”, 1980
IEEE Computer Society Honor Roll, 1977
ACM Service Award, 1975


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Execution Unit Shared by Plurality of Arrays of Virtual Processors. U.S. Patent 3,611,307, October 5, 1971.
Apparatus and Method in a Multiple Operand Stream Computing System for Identifying the Specification of Multi-Task Situations and Controlling the Execution of Said Tasks. U.S. Patent 3,614,745, October 19, 1971.
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M. J. Flynn:
Change Control Equivalent Circuit for Amplifiers.
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M. J. Flynn:
Operations in an Associative Memory.
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