Frederick J. Newmeyer

Professor emeritus
Department of Linguistics
University of Washington

Fields of interest:

Syntactic theory, functional linguistics, history of linguistics

Recent publications:

F. Newmeyer, L. B. Preston (eds.),
Measuring Grammatical Complexity, Oxford: Oxford University Press. To appear.

F. Newmeyer,
Some Remarks on Chomsky’s Reading of Saussure.
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Goals and Methods of Generative Syntax.
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J. Joseph, F. Newmeyer,
All Languages are Equally Complex: The Rise and Fall of a Consensus.
Historiographia Linguistica 39/ 2012, 341-368.

F. Newmeyer,
The Stokhof – van Lambalgen Paradox Resolved.
Theoretical Linguistics 37/ 2011, 63-68.

F. Newmeyer,
English Derived Nominals in Three Frameworks.
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On Comparative Concepts and Descriptive Categories: A Reply to Haspelmath.
Language 86/ 201o, 688-695.

F. Newmeyer,
Possible and Probable Languages: A Generative Perspective on Linguistic Typology.
Oxford: Oxford University Press 2005.

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