Georgia Fotopoulos

Associate Professor
Dept. of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
Queen's University

Fields of interest

  • Physical and Satellite Geodesy
  • Height Systems
  • Advanced Estimation TechniquesGeodesy

Recent publications

E.H. Peterson, G. Fotopoulos and R.E. Zee:
A feasibility assessment for low-cost InSAR formation flying microsatellites,
IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 47, 2847-2858 (2009).

E. Rangelova, G. Fotopoulos and M.G. Sideris:
On the use of iterative re-weighting least- squares and outlier detection for empirically modelling rates of vertical displacement,
Journal of Geodesy, 83, 523-535 (2009).

E. Rangelova, M.G. Sideris and G. Fotopoulos:
A dynamic reference surface for heights in Canada,
Geomatica, 64, 333-340 (2009).

A. Braun and G. Fotopoulos:
Assessment of SRTM, ICESat, and Survey Control Monument Elevations in Canada,
Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing, 73, 1333-1342 (2007).

G. Fotopoulos:
Calibration of geoid error models via a combined adjustment of ellipsoidal, orthometric and geoid height data.
Journal of Geodesy, 79, 111-123 (2005).