Robert Galazka

Member of Scientific Council
Division of Physics of Semimagnetic Semiconductors
Polish Academy of Sciences

Fields of interest:

  • Theoretical and experimental studies of magnetic,
  • Transport and magnetotransport properties of II-VI and IV-VI semimagnetic (diluted magnetic) semiconductors,


Recent publications (selected):

R.R. Galazka, J. Kossut, T. Story:
Semimagnetic Semiconductors
In: Landolt Börnstein Numerical Data and Functional Relationship in Science and Technology, Eds. O. Madelung, U. Rössler and M. Schulz, New Series Vol. 41B: II-VI and I-VII Compounds; Semimagnetic Compounds (Springer Verlag, Berlin) 1999, pp. 647-721.