Edgar Garcia-Rill

Professor of Anatomy and Psychiatry, PhD
University of Arkansas
Department of Neurobiology and Developmental Sciences
E-mail: GarciaRillEdgar@uams.edu
Page: http://www.uams.edu/neuroscience_cellbiology/faculty/details.asp?id=48


Fields of interest:

Disorders of the reticular activating system and sleep, schizophrenia, depression, PTSD, spinal cord injury


Recent publications:

Liu H., Skinner R. D., Arfaj A., Yates C., Reese N. B., Williams K., Garcia-Rill E.:

L-Dopa effect on frequency-dependent depression of the H-reflex in adult rats with complete spinal cord transection

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Heister D. S., Hayar A., Garcia-Rill E.:

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Beck P., Odle A., Wallace-Huitt T., Skinner R. D., Garcia-Rill E.:
Modafinil increases arousal determined by P13 potential amplitude: an effect blocked by gap junction antagonists

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