Aleksander Garlicki

Department of Geology, Geophysics and Environmental Protection
AGH University of Science and Technology

Fields of interest:

  • prospecting and mining geology
  • geology of deposits
  • sedimentology of evaporites
  • underground storage in salt deposits


Recent publications:

A. Garlicki:
Salt Mines at Bochnia and Wieliczka.,
Pol. Geol. Rev., Vol. 56, (2008), pp. 663-669.

A. Garlicki, A. Gonet, S. Stryczek: 
Target model for protecting the Wieliczka salt mine after a disastrous water influx in
Proc. of the ISRM International Symposium 3-rd ARMS, Kyoto, Japan.
Millpress, Rotterdam, Vol. 2, (2004), pp. 1177-1180. 

A. Garlicki, A. Gonet, S. Stryczek: 
Reinforcement of saline rock mass on the example of the salt mine Wieliczka,
Proc. of the 2001 ISRM International Symposium Frontiers of Rock Mechanics and Sustainable Development in the 21st Century Beijing, China, A. A. Balkema Publishers, 2001, pp. 581-583.

A. Garlicki :
Evaporites of the Carpathians. Palaeogeography and Geodynamics: a Multidisciplinary
Approach. Abstracts,
Biul. PIG, Vol. 396, (2001), p. 46.