Maciej Gasior

Fields of interest

Neuropharmacology and drug development in the fields of addiction, cognition, epilepsy, pain, schizophrenia and sleep/wake cycle


Recent publications

Flood DG, Zuvich E, Marino MJ, Gasior M.:
Prepulse inhibition of the startle reflex and response to antipsychotic treatments in two outbred mouse strains in comparison to the inbred DBA/2 mouse.
Psychopharmacology (Berl)., 2011, 215(3):441-54

Gruner JA, Mathiasen JR, Flood DG, Gasior M.:
Characterization of pharmacological and wake-promoting properties of the dopaminergic stimulant sydnocarb in rats.
J Pharmacol Exp Ther., 2011, 337(2):380-90

Kaminski RM, Núñez-Taltavull JF, Budziszewska B, Lasoń W, Gasior M, Zapata A, Shippenberg TS, Witkin JM.:
Effects of cocaine-kindling on the expression of NMDA receptors and glutamate levels in mouse brain.
Neurochem Res., 2011, 36(1):146-52

Kopec K, Flood DG, Gasior M, McKenna BA, Zuvich E, Schreiber J, Salvino JM, Durkin JT, Ator MA, Marino MJ.:
Glycine transporter (GlyT1) inhibitors with reduced residence time increase prepulse inhibition without inducing hyperlocomotion in DBA/2 mice.
Biochem Pharmacol., 2010, 80(9):1407-17

Flood DG, Zuvich E, Marino MJ, Gasior M.:
The effects of d-amphetamine, methylphenidate, sydnocarb, and caffeine on prepulse inhibition of the startle reflex in DBA/2 mice.
Psychopharmacology (Berl)., 2010, 211(3):325-36

Gasior M, Yankura J, Hartman AL, French A, Rogawski MA.:
Anticonvulsant and proconvulsant actions of 2-deoxy-D-glucose.
Epilepsia., 2010, 51(8):1385-94. doi: 10.1111/j.1528-1167.2010.02593.x

Gruner JA, Marcy VR, Lin YG, Bozyczko-Coyne D, Marino MJ, Gasior M.:
The roles of dopamine transport inhibition and dopamine release facilitation in wake enhancement and rebound hypersomnolence induced by dopaminergic agents.
Sleep., 2009, 32(11):1425-38

Flood DG, Choinski M, Marino MJ, Gasior M.:
Mood stabilizers increase prepulse inhibition in DBA/2NCrl mice.
Psychopharmacology (Berl)., 2009, 205(3):369-77

Zarnowska I, Luszczki JJ, Zarnowski T, Buszewicz G, Madro R, Czuczwar SJ, Gasior M.:
Pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic interactions between common antiepileptic drugs and acetone, the chief anticonvulsant ketone body elevated in the ketogenic diet in mice.
Epilepsia., 2009, 50(5):1132-40

Gasior M, Hartman AL, Rogawski MA.:
The anticonvulsant activity of acetone does not depend upon its metabolites.
Epilepsia., 2008, 49(5):936-7